The world's first.

tablet stand.​

The world's first.

wireless charging stand.

Perfect for... everywhere!

For education. For business. For home.


The benefits of wireless charging.


Designed for those working at their desks, Qlic provides an adjustable viewing angle for comfort, with a sturdy construction that gives a stable platform in use.

Good Posture.

The risk of repeated stress injuries such as neck and wrist pains when operating devices like tablets is alleviated by using Qlic stands. Children can share screens without leaning over desks, employees can work efficiently with good posture and whether at home in the kitchen or watching movies in the lounge you can maintain posture and decrease the risk of injury.


The charging stands can also be permanently installed on any flat vertical or horizontal surface which provides versatility for any workspace. Ideal for reception areas, log in stations and exhibitions.

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Qlic Cable can be connected to your Android device.  Larger tablets may need rotating on the stand depending on their port location.


Apple devices are also supported with Qlic Cable L


Windows Devices are also supported using USB-C or micro-USB charging connection.

Wireless charging.

Qlic Wireless supports most smart phones with integrated wireless charging system such as Samsung Galaxy S6 and later.

For devices without wireless charging, we supply Receiver Patches which can be connected to the charging port and affixed to the rear of the device usually inside your protective case or wallet.

Both Smart Phones and Tablets can be converted for use with Qlic Wireless Stands.

About Qlic.

The Qlic story.

The Qlic journey has been a long one, first developed by PD Components in 2014 Qlic was developed to be a wall mounted permanent tablet stand. After a conversation with a colleague regarding the use of tablet devices in schools, Qlic evolved into a desk mounted version.

As an avid bunch of tablet users we noticed a few issues with other stands on the market…

Once you began to use your device the stand would move across the table and in some cases collapse all together.
The stands available did not seem to be very hard wearing, how can a bit of plastic hold your tablet securely?
If the battery was low we could not find a stand or docking station that would support the tablet while it was being charged. The docks were either too small to fully support the tablet, or the cables simply were not long enough to reach the place the tablet was rested.
As an office of multi tablet users we also noticed that most stands were brand specific, we could not find a stand to fit our iPad and our Samsung.
Charging facilities were added to the design in 2016 after a fruitless internet search to find a stand that would support all our tablets and enable us to charge them while in use.

Qlic is our first consumer ready product and with countless educators, retailers and distributors already lined up we are confident it will Qlic with you too!

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